Monday, November 15

The Clemson Basketball SoCon tour Continues vs. Wofford

When: Tonight, 7:00pm
Where: Littlejohn Coliseum, Clemson, SC
Watch: Tigercast
Listen: WCCP-FM
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Tonight could get interesting, as the Wofford Terriers come to town. These same Woffordeers appeared as a #13 seed in the NCAA tournament for the first time in school history, nearly defeating #4 seed Wisconsin; though they ended up losing 53-49 in the waning seconds. Wofford is experiencing an upswing and the benefits of basketball league parity- and the painful Big Ten lack of scoring acumen, out side of Michigan State.

 It hurts my eyes just to think of it. 

While Wofford is not a traditionally strong non-conference opponent, it will be a good early test for this year's iteration  of the Tigers. They have yet to be tested, beyond what they get from the coaching staff and their fellow players. 

At least one player they face tonight should give the Tigers some trouble, Noah Dahlman. As an inside player, he will get challenged by Grant and Booker. Conversely, his presence will hopefully allow us to see how our sophomores and post players react to a challenge.

The guard play should allow us to free up some space down low for Grant and/or Booker. Stitt will likely be looking to improve upon his fairly disappointing season opening performance. Young will be Young and hopefully Smith will be Smith.

Should Milt Jennings continue to elevate his play to the level as he began to do so in the previous game, this game could get out of hand. Or, if someone doesn't step up early, it could be a tight finish. While I fully expect the Tigers to win, I am hoping for an enjoyable game.

Go Tigers!

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