Monday, December 11

Clemson Tigers: Sagarin Rated #4

The Clemson Tiger Men's Basketball team managed to move up two spots in this weeks Sagarin rating. The rating is an influential measure of a team's statistical viability and is similar to the RPI system used to aid in selecting teams for the NCAA tournament. Clemson had been ranked sixth in last week's Sagarin, but with two strong wins last week, the Tigers moved up to fourth.

James Mays, according to the team preview page on USATODAY, says, "Even before the ACC schedule and after it, I think we could be a top-25 team. We're still getting better."

It seems Mays was prophetic, as the Tigers were voted into the 25th spot in today's USATODAY/ESPN Poll, and were also in the others receiving votes category of the AP Poll.

Congratulations to the Tigers. Well-played and welcome back into the national basketball fray. With OP at the helm, the patented OP Improvement Arc, or OPIA, will only continue to climb.

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