Sunday, December 10

Player Nicknames: Vote via Comment

Here are the nicknames I came up with for this year's Clemson Tiger Basketball Team.
Post a comment to vote for one or the other. I will refer to a player by his nickname on a regular basis. I will post the key and results in one week.

Sam Perry: Journey, topsider
KC Rivers: Sizzle, chief
Trevor Booker: Books, Ref
Vernon Hamilton: Lover, 10spot, Treasurer
Cliff Hammonds: B3, Clavin
James Mays: 40East, 919, Gtown
Karolis Petrukonis: Petty, Trugoy, Big Car
Travis Price: Barker, Right
AJ Tyler: Snake Eyes, Aerosmith
Chris Poole: Legacy, Hustler
Raymond Sykes: Psycho, Mondo, ray-ray, blu-ray
Jesse Yanutola: Nuts
David Potter: Harry, Gryffindor
Matt Morris: Mini
Julius Powell: Jules, Jewels, Julep

Post a comment to vote!
Go Tigers.


Anonymous said...

dude that is seriously lame creating nicknames like that, half of them are almost middle school in nature

ThomasLemaster said...

That is sort of the point.