Friday, March 9

Clemson Basketball: loses to FSU 67-66 in a Microcosmic game

And so it is: as much as I don't want to link to the story, it is true.

Yesterday's game reflected so much about this year's team:
  1. Get off to good start
  2. Lose track in the middle
  3. Play competitively.
  4. Stop scoring.
  5. Lose close game.
All components of this formula were followed for much of the season following the Maryland loss. With the exception of the Carolina game, no game was a complete blow out. Moral victories are not what this team needed though. They needed real, actual wins. Wins in which the other team loses.

Twenty-one wins is respectable. But after a 17-0 start, to go 4-10? That is unacceptable.

Clemson Tiger basketball needs to play with a tough, juggernaut mentality. A mentality doesn't have to be earned, it can be created. Results will follow.


Go Tigers.

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