Tuesday, January 6

Right now, Clemson is getting screwed by FSN and the state of Georgia

Firstly, I don't care about UGA/GT on FSN.

Secondly, do they not have clock operators in Atlanta?

Right now it is Steele 5, Booker 3, and now Alabama is up 9-3.

Maybe I am glad I can't watch this. Yanity is doing just fine right now during tonight's Solid Orange Campaign.

For the love of God, get this horrible game off my TV.


Lawtonfunk said...

I didn't realize how good we were until watching the GT/UGA game.

Our game turned out alright. It seems like if one guy is cold another is hot.

Anonymous said...

Could that UGA/GTech game possibly have taken any longer? It's a good thing they didn't go into overtime or I probably would have thrown the remote through my tv!