Wednesday, April 1

OP receives a raise and discusses the future of Clemson Basketball

Terry Don Phillips will be increasing Oliver Purnell's pay.
Phillips said he and Purnell have agreed on the total “enhancement” value, but Purnell’s attorney has since made a proposal for how to structure the “enhancement” into the contract.

Yesterday, Milton Jennings was on ESPN sportsnation chat- here's a link to the transcript.
He seems like a level-headed, mature person. I can't wait to see how his game translates to the ACC, where the competition will be much stiffer than his private school league. It will be more like his AAU competition- maybe better.

The Raleigh News and Observer lists the 2009 McDonald's All-Americans playing tonight who will be playing in the ACC next year.

Booker plans to work on his game this summer and smilingly says of the freshman class:
"I'm looking to rough all of 'em up a little bit.I'm gonna show all the freshmen the ropes, not just my brother."
Clemson Associate Head Coach Ron Bradley was named one of the 20 finalists for Assistant-Coach-of-the-Year by

Here's a transcript of much of Oliver Purnell's 2008-2009 season reflecting press conference from two days ago.

Go Tigers!

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