Saturday, November 7

Clemson Basketball: 99-51 exhibition win

While I sat in traffic on I-85S, an exhibition game started.

The starting line-up: Stitt, Smith, Potter, Booker, Grant.

The veterans were given the start it seemed. One of the biggest stories, outside of the freshmen, this year might be the progression of Tanner Smith. Last night, he went for 16 points in 18 minutes on 50% 2pt and 60% 3pt. Smith has developed and matured as a player and as a leader. He has the poise and confidence of an older player.

Of the game, Tanner said, “One of the main things is just execution on offense. I think guys are still unsure of what we wanted offensively. We know what we want out of our offense, and that’s to go inside and out."

Just his use of the word "we" reflects his developing leadership and commitment to the team.

However, some of the real show came off the game came off the bench.

Noel Johnson came in with 19 points in 21 minutes on 70% 2pt and 50% 3pt. Additionally, Andre Young came off the bench to add 6 assists, 5 steals, 0 TOs, and solid 3pt shooting.

Last night showcased a mix of lineups, a little in-out play, but as OP said, “There’s a lot of [offense] stuff we have in that we didn’t run because we’re not that good at it yet."

So, it was a preview, just a little taste of what starts in less than a week- Friday the 13th.

It's going to be a big year.

Go Tigers!

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