Friday, January 15

Clemson visits Raleigh Tomorrow

What: Clemson vs. NC State
Where: RBC Center,Raleigh, NC sadly not on campus at Reynolds.
When: 12:00 pm
Watch: Raycom- online in the south
Listen: WCCP-FM
Follow: You're on your own.

Tomorrow's game might be more important than the win at UNC, if the Tigers can't bottle the energy and stamina of the UNC game.

Let's hope not.

I am sure many will point to the past. To the "collapse" of three years ago, to the NCAA loss to Villanova, to last year's stumble after the Duke win.

All of those concerns are valid.
But, get over it. This is a new year. If you want to storm the court, do it. The demons are exorcised.

Nonetheless, Clemson is a vulnerable team right now. NCSU is returning from a road ACC win against FSU. They don't care about the fact we beat UNC. That just makes them want to beat us more.

Sidney Lowe is coaching for next year with his top 10-ish recruiting class.

Turd Ferguson isn't there. But this year is the year that we get to see if Lowe can coach his way out of that giant red blazer.

God I hope it is red blazer vs. Orange suede.

I doubt it.

This is a game the Tigers should win. We are better in most every aspect. However, this is the ACC, so who knows.

I'll be at the game tomorrow.

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Go Tigers!

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