Friday, March 19

The Clemson Tigers face their Doppelganger The Missouri Tigers Today

I tried to think back to 1996.
What did I do differently than the past two years in the tournament?
Mainly, the internet.

So, I tried to not get excited.
I tried to avoid the pressure to get something out before selection Sunday.
I didn't want to get wrapped up in the hoopla.

Maybe it was superstition to think as such.

But I couldn't avoid the pull of the NCAA tournament, especially with the Tigers v. Tigers matchup today.

Rather than give a regurgitated preview/review of the game, I am including a collection of links concerning today's game.

First year players could be key when Clemson faces Missouri
Another chance to see if Clemson belongs on the big stage
Clemson, Missouri put pressure on the opponents
Expect a Fast pace when Clemson Missouri meet
Tigers have almost identical Stripes
MU's opponent hasn't fared well as a higher seed
MU and Clemson have a unique knowledge of each other
Five Keys to a Clemson Victory
Fierce pace expected in Tigers face-off

I will keep everything else up-to-date via Twitter (@theopblog)

Go Tigers!

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