Saturday, November 13

Clemson Tigers win 87-64 in season opener

Devin Booker looked a bit like his older brother last night, as he finished with 16 points, a career high.

It's the Big 31, not the 35 for the Tigers this year (from

But what might has been more surprising was the nearly 60% shooting in the new offense. The scoring load was spread, as Tanner Smith had 12, Andre Young had 10 pts despite leaving for a while with a thigh injury, and hopefully reflective of what is to come, Milton Jennings added 12.

What was disappointing was Stitt's quick fouls. He finished with 4 PF and just 7 pts in 12 minutes. Is this his new senior leadership? Maybe he was overexcited or being overzealous on defense in going for the steal. Or, I don't know if he or the refs were rusty after having had some time away from a full speed game. Nonetheless, his continued development and leadership will be paramount if this year's team is going to be successful.

Bobo looks clueless at most times, but he is still supposedly going to be a key component in this year's rotations, as is evidence here

Tanner Smith has returned. His fire, spark, and confidence seemed to be back. He lead the team in transition, but not however in FT%. It seemed a bit like the OP era from the FT line, as the Tigers shot an abysmal 54%.
Tanner lead the team in fire and fashion, notice the mohawk- reminiscent of Booker's mohawk below.

As an opener, the game was a positive. The team seemed prepared and focused, though not yet a finished product. It is still a team in philosophical transition.

Until the SoCon tour of teams continues on Monday night.

Go Tigers!

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