Tuesday, November 21

2nd Half Live Blog - Pt.. 2

- I want to break breakable items by smashing them on a wall, concrete, or a brick wall.
- Tied again at 55. What is wrong with this hansbrough? He is just not bug-eyed enough.
- Let's go Free Throws!
- Mays. Mays.
- The devoted crowd of 3500 is finally getting into the game.
- Have they not realized how good this Booker is going to be and how Mays is pwning MSU?
- blah, blah, blah
- VH for the baseline three, Clemson by 5.
- OP with the smart timeout as little hansbrough just slung a pass to what looked like an extra man on the floor he was so open. Clemson by 1.
- Cliff Hammmmmmmmmmonds, 20 pts is that what the announcers said after his sweet three?
- I wish we could just play a little four corners, then we wouldn't be making these stupid offensive fouls with the lead. I really, really hate you Harry Tigers. I do.
- What kind of team doesn't have big aspirations in 06-07 announcer guy?
- What is a reverse Jinx called? If you say he has missed x in a row, invariably he will make it. The converse is also true. 65-62
- Turnover, sweet.
- Kickball. For the love of god the basket is up in the air, not down on the ground, in the middle of the air, or anywhere near a foot.
- A clock malfunction, timeout, futility,
- "Futility, Thy name is Clemson."
- Offensive rebound: jesus god, just score.
- 40 sec. left.
- VH at the line, 0-1, 1-2.
- "The dreaded two possession game. But now its one possession. That didn't take long at all."
- 30.2134 sec left.
- Please let us get the ball in bounds. Please. This is directed toward anyone who might have any control over this game.
- 28.2 last timeout by Clemson.
- Solid. It all comes down to being able to get the ball in bounds according to the announcers.
- kc rivers is fouled for his first trip to the FT line. You can do it KC. KC let's do it. You look so old and stubbly and you hit two FT in a row.
-Timeout:MSU- 66 Clem-68
- MSU pep talk: Just go out there and play like this guy's brother. (This guy being hansbrough.) If you can do that, we will win. Stand up tall and flex your eyeballs!
- Foul, VH coming in clutch, hitting 1of2 on his final FT attempt.
- Clemson limps to a 69-66 win.

-So there it is/was 6-0. Now, just don't eff it up Lamar.

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j mart jr. said...

is v-ham the worst starter in the acc this year? he's got less game than ronald "ron" johnson but the ears to match.