Tuesday, November 21

2nd Half Live Blog - Pt.. 1

- Are we ever going to break this open?

- 43-42? I swear to god if you lose Clemson, you are dead to me.

- Battle of the Land Grants, here we go!!!
Let's go land grants, dunt, dunt, dunt, dunt duntah.

-Rebound the ball, 2-11, Clem-MSU?

-A three pointer? Was that what I just saw?

- What happened to the first half? I loved it so much. So Much.

-Ouch! Alley oop. Are there 27 Delk's on that team?

- Its hard to believe I once had a soft spot in my heart for MSU. Thinking back to the Hughes-Dampier 1996 era, it seems like yester-NCAA.

- Why can't we score?

- Good! Make up for missing 19 shots in a row Mays, block then two. I cover my mouth, wince, and see Sam Perry lying on the floor. The pain.

- Suck it up Perry!

- Mays pwns you for a reverse, behind-the-back, James Mays Jam!

- Show that replay. We totally did not hit that ball out of bounds. I will come to your house mr. Ref, and teach you something, which may or may not have anything to do with basketball. Yes, that is a threat mr. Stripey.

- You too, announcer-guy.

- Clemson by one, 53-52.

To do List:
1. Play Defense
2. Score.
3. Check engine light diagnosis at auto advanced zone.

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