Tuesday, November 21

Short Live Blog: Jesus God! (3 mins. to go through halftime)

-- Is this for real? 3 minutes to go and tied. Also, unless I wasn't paying attention, the announcers have not made any references to number 11, Ben Hansbrough, being "Psycho T's" younger, shorter, less talented brother. WTF?! That's like not mentioning Jeb Bush is W's younger, fatter, and less intelligent brother.

-- Can anyone on the Clemson team hit an effing three pointer? I hate so much it hurts.

--Now they are checking the monitors- oh look, I see Dale Gilbert, the upstate's version of Capt. Kangaroo.

--Timeout 1:39 with to go in the half: "still gotta get over that hump."

-1-10 behind 3-point line???

-- Look at that faux-hansbrough, he just doesn't have the fire in his eyes.

-- 31.2 sec to go 10-10 free throws, and then JINXED with the quote, "You've got to go a long way back to see a time when Clemson has hit 10 free throws in a row." Then, a chuckle by the announcers as we missed the eleventh.

-- That was a JJ Redick Looking fake-three-pointer-while-jumping-into-a-defender-shot.

33-35, up by two.

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Jmart said...

Can't hit three pointers but our free throw percentage is through the roof; probably the best in the history of Clemson basketball.