Wednesday, November 29

ACC-Big Ten Record: 5-2

We have been going through the OP Archives today to develop a brief summary of Clemson's performance in the ACC-Big Ten Exactathon. Here is what we came up with:
Clemson Other
1999 L 75-85 Penn St.

2000 W 57-44 NW

2001 W 79-66 Penn St.

2002 W 79-70 Penn St.

2003 L 64-76 Purdue

2004 W 80-73 Ohio St.

2005 W 96-88 Penn St.

Clemson's Avg. Score: 75.7142857142857
Opponent's Avg. Score: 71.7142857142857

I could not even make up the decimal places for those averages; Do the Math your self.

Suck it Gophers!

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