Tuesday, November 28

ACC-Big Ten ESPN Extravagaza

I was doing some research on the Golden Gophers of Minnesota and came across ten interesting tidbits.

1: "The University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus is a big place, and unfortunately, it does not have a central mailing address. All University mail must be postmarked with the appropriate college, department or unit address." Really? Why must you confound me like this. Apparently, anyone can apply and chances are, you will be admitted. The enrollment is approximately 60,000.

2: 60,000, WTF?!

3. Twin Cities? Pick a city; either one. The other won't feel slighted forever.

4. Gophers. Mascot: Goldy Gopher. Clever name for a Golden Gopher.

5. They Cheat.

6. They lost their last game to the U of Montana Grand Tetonic Grizzlies 72-65.

7. They have no seniors on their team and no one over 6-9.

8. The Gophers coach, Dan "The Gorilla" Monso[o]n, has won over 100 games since arriving in one or the other twin city. He is best known for coaching Minnesota back from the brink. He is a lover, a fighter, and he knows a good chardonnay when he sees it.

9. The Gophers are 2-4 this season.
Jesus God, we must not play to the level of the opponent. Or as the sports radio guys here in he triangle say, "Pull a Clemson."

10. The Big Ten has Eleven Teams? I found this fuzzy math on the University of Minnesota website. A subtly hidden rabbit-duck eleven is embedded within the logo surrounding the T of Ten.

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