Monday, November 27

Black Monday: 31-28

As I am purportedly only focusing on basketball, I will politely refuse to post more than one post today. No references, save today's title, to any other sport.

Getting ready for ACC-Big Ten Challenge: Clemson vs. Minnesota, there.

Does anyone else remember the last time we beat Minnesota? I do. 1997, sweet sixteen, NCAA tourney.

Picture (above): Bobby "socks" Jackson, Clem Haskins, and the entire iniquitous gopher basketball team.

Oh, yes. We only won that game years later after the entire Minnesota faculty, team, tutors, and coaching staff was found guilty of plagiarizing players' papers.

Of this, Myles Brand, Former NCAA Commisioner, said on October 24, 2000:

"Congratulations to the Clemson Tigers on an Elite Eight Appearance after a hard-fought, 90-84, double over-time loss to Minnesota. You will be rewarded with ten packs of chiclet gum, the loss of your coach, and complete obscurity. While Clemson was a model of integrity, balance, and international flair, Minnesota wore high socks, were caught giving basketball players preferential treatment, and the coach made thousands of dollars of payments to tutors.

Once again, Congratulations. Best of luck in all you do and Go Tigers."

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