Wednesday, November 22

Friday's Game vs. the Southerneers

While I don't know if I will pay to watch on Tiger ball on ACC Select, you might. I will be in phase two recovery from Thursday's impending Turkey Coma.

The Tigers looked both good and bad last night. Overall performance grade, C+. They could have won by much more, played stronger defense, and hit some three pointers.

Hopefully on Friday, 11/24, the tiger orangeballers can run over the Charleston Southern University Southerneers at home in Littlejohn. Thusly, the tigers will move one step closer in proclaiming the prestigious South Carolina College Basketball Cup, as they have already dispatched the Flaming Purple of Furman. Of course, the soaring eagles of Winthrop with their tournament pedigree, the Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina, the stoic Citadel Citadels, and the courageous College of Charleston Cougars were not invited to participate this year.

If the Tigers happen to lose while attempting to reclaim and defend the SCCBC, they have another shot at a state title as they were invited to participate as honorary Georgians in the Georgia Basketball Champions Cup alongside Ga. Southern, Ga. St., UGA, and Ga. Tech; the competition looks fierce.

March on brave tigers.

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