Friday, December 15

Clemson Basketball: Bilas Believes!

H.F. (Atlanta, GA): A Clemson basketball question! Does Olliver Purnell have the ability to get Clemson to the middle of the pack in the ACC (5-8th) on a consistent basis with an invite to the Big Dance every 2 or 3 years? Or is that too much to hope for? Thanks, would be fun to cheer for my own school instead of Duke or UNC every March.

SportsNation Jay Bilas: Clemson needs to do it this year, first. Let's let them walk before asking them to run with the main pack in the ACC. I like KC Rivers, Cliff Hammonds and James Mays a lot. Clemson is good, but many people need to see them do it in the league before buying in. I believe they can this year. The league is solid, but there are a lot of wins out there for Clemson if they shoot free throws better and defend.

Well, sort of. He likes what we have, but knows of our freethrow woes. As for the defense concern, I am a bit confused about that one. If anything, we have been playing defense well.

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