Friday, December 29

Clemson Tiger Basketball: 13-0 !!!

Welcome, the hardworking staff is back and the reports from the floor and field look good.

"This was one of our better games, if not our best game of the year," Clemson coach Oliver Purnell said.

I am disappointed I missed it Mr. Purnell. I was able to Gametrack and listen via the interweb. However, it seems somewhere in the past few years, the state of North Carolina lost its basketball soul. FSN showed hockey. And while UNC was on ESPN, the fanbase seems resigned to being second as Dean-o will be losing his crown as basketball's winningest coach soon. Last night, Knight was unable to lead the Texas Techsters to a victory over the UNLV-sters, so Smith/UNC has at least a few more days on top, even if they are sharing the view with someone else.

Looking toward the game on Sunday, when the Clemson Tiger Basketballers continue their quest of becoming the Georgia State Champions in a matchup against Ga. State. Here's the early Ga. St. Gametracker and if you need to listen or hear some Clemson commentary: wccp-fm.

New Year's Eve: Tigers vs. Panthers

Go Tigers!

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