Monday, December 4

Others Receiving Votes and another Mistake.

Movement into the "Others Receiving Votes" in both major poll is a big step for the young Tigers. We are all proud of you. Now, if the press could get their act together. This is the third headline mistake in this short year.

For those who are into such minutia, Clemson is ranked, variously, 3rd, 7th, and 19th in RPI. These rankings, of course, are subject to change. However, it is nice to get some respect from somewhere; even if it is from a few mathematical formulae and a some computers.

Even more statistics for the statistically inclined: Sagarin ranked 7th.
His information is posted on USAToday, so you know-- Well, you know it is looked at by people who look at such things.

The Tigers will not play a game between December 6 and December 18; that's 13 DAYS WITHOUT A GAME. Holy God!!! That means when they return, only four games and fifteen days until ACC Basketball.

Go Tigers!

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