Sunday, December 3

USC Post-Game Analysis

74-53. Yes, this looks fairly impressive.

Our FT% of 69.2, raised us from 12th to 11th in terms of ACC overall FT%. We now have a sweltering FT% of 59.7.

3PT (5-19, 26.3%), this places us in 10th place in the ACC, ahead of NC State and BC.

James Mays took over in the second half, after having a 5 point performance in the first half. Up by 9 at the break, the Tigers made it a point to start scoring and playing even tougher defense.

OP gave them a stern warning and reminded the Tigers who they were playing. A paraphrase of the half-time speech follows:

"They [USC] may be from the SEC, but in case you forgot, Florida is from the SEC and they won the ----ing national championship last year. So, if you thought about looking past USC, you need to get your head checked. That guard they have is the third leading scorer in the SEC, averaging at least five points more than the French kid with the hair whose dad is good at tennis. So if we don't win, you are going to have to find a new coach. Now let's get out there and start playing defense and stop sucking."

The Tigers, as obedient as they are, listened and keyed in on a few points. They limited USC's Kelley to 15 points and held the entire team to 1-13 on 3pt. shooting.

It was a solid team effort, with four players scoring in double digits. Mays didn't have to do it all alone; He had some solid help from KC, Jules, and VH.

Congrats to the Tigers on being 9-0. I am not ready for the Tigers to be ranked. So don't email me about thoughts of us being such. I hope we aren't- at least not yet. I want us to beat someone first.

Up next we play the Walloping Wofford Terriers on Tuesday night; The Wallopers hail from the faraway land of Spartanburgia. They are currently in either 3rd or 5th place, depending upon which statistic is correct on the official SoCon website, in the south division of the Southern Conference. Opponents have been averaging 79 PA while the Terriers PF is a respectable 64.5. I do not expect the Tigers to blast the terriers as they need to be blasted, and how I would like for them to be. However, I think the game will be close in the first half. We will then start playing some defense and then blast them.


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