Saturday, December 2

Pre-gaming it.

I recently participated in a draft for an ACC fantasy basket ball league. In said league, there are ten members. As we went through the first round of the draft, someone selected James Mays. I assumed he would last until the second round. Then, I waited, as I was going to select V. Hamilton- thwarted. KC Rivers- Taken. I ended up getting Trevor Booker, and I am happy for this, but I had no idea our players were in such demand. I don't know if this means we can't sneak up on people this year, or not. Either way, though I would have liked to get more tigers on my team, I am glad other people think highly enough to select them before I did.

Now onto the game notes:

We have beaten USC the past two times. However, Davey Odom is 22-10 vs. Clemson (3-2 at USC). To read what Odom has to say about today's game, click here. I don't know how much of what he said is for the media, or if he acutally believes what he said. He is a wiley little devil and you never know what is going to come out of his mouth- like any good coach. Odom does say, "We have to re-visit when we play the game. We have to. There are a lot of things going on and I think the game needs to be played when the students are here." This is in reference to the rivalry not being especially heated in basketball.

Hopefully our press will be able to stop Tre Kelley. If he gets open, it will be a tough outing.

They have two players on their roster listed at 6-10. We have one guy listed at 6-11, Karonis Petrukonis. Apparently the Lithuanian pipeline is back on. Hopefully, Karonis won't pull a Jerkunas on us and disappear offensively after two seasons.

Apparently if you have time, according to yesterday's USC press release: "Good seats still remain and the first 500 fans will receive a free BEAT CLEMSON t-shirt." Certainly something could have been organized to commandeer this fan giveaway. It is too late for me to do anything. You might be able to help.

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