Wednesday, December 6

Trevor Booker:

Did I mention I have him in the starting lineup of my fantasy ACC Basketball league? Well, I do. Too bad points do not accrue outside of the ACC Table.

As for last night's game, refer to this post, dated Dec 03, and look to the last paragraph. There you will see my prognosticating technique.

I know, that really wasn't a difficult one. About the Terriers, they had two people with 20 points. This is going to have to stop. When we play a team with more than two options, or a third man looking to step up, we are going to have problems. I hear you say its just the Wofford-ettes, but this is the type of team that would love to beat up its big brother. The Woffordites played strong in the first half, and at halftime, as always, The OP took the kids to school:

Mays was having a rough night
, but the kid was on. So The OP decided to stick with the Kid, TB, and tells Li'l VH to keep chugging along. The Tigers acquiesced with 39 bench points, 42 points in the paint, 18 points of turnovers, 0 lead changes, and a final score of 90-66.

Next up for the Tigers is Georgia Southern and the Fighting Southerners. The Georgian Southerners are also in the SoCon, but sit in the middle of the table at 4-2. They have a pesky guard named Donte Gennie. He averages 13pts/game and shoots about 34% from the field. They have played a tough schedule already, posting losses against only Duke and Illinois.

Again, the game will be tight. The tightness might carry into the 2nd half a bit, but if I know anyone, I know The OP. He will get them where they need to be. Maybe the final score can be used as a barometer of comparison between us, Duke, and Illinois.

Go Tigers.

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