Monday, January 29

Clemson Basketball: 24 hours later

And I am still in shock, still a bit soft in the stomach.

A meltdown bigger than one missed play or shot clock or time-keeping mechanism malfunction. A meltdown capped by a shot by a guy with a horrific, ye olde English font tattoo of his name. In case you forgot or didn't read his arm, its Cain, and it was his only basket of the game.

Cain's improbable basket aside, what about the other 14 points from which UVa had to climb? Where was the killer instinct the Cameron debacle was supposed to inspire? Where was the emotion, the determination, the ability, the need to prove that you belong? Where?
Surely, you didn't lose (it) on your homecourt did you? I know that Tiger paw in the center of the court is big and bright, but not that big nor bright.

So it is, 18-4. It looks impressive, but 4-4 in the ACC isn't nearly as stellar. I am still driving the OP train, and am still looking for passengers, but it hurts inside. I want to walk away just so I don't have to feel loss(es) like this again.

But, alas, we have at least eight more games left in the ACC. Eight more opportunities to win, and eight more opportunities to prove to the rest of the league, and the country for that matter, that we in fact not only belong, but are better than you think we are, or aren't.

On a positive note, the Tigers continue to be ranked in both polls: 25 in the AP, and 21 in the ESPN/USA Today poll.

I'm all cried out over you.
Its time to move on Tigers.

T- I - G - E - RRRRR - S!

Fight Tigers,
Fight Tigers,
Fight, Fight,

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