Tuesday, January 16

Clemson Basketball: Riding the OP wave.

Apparently, students at Clemson care more about basketball today than when Barnes was the coach. Well, you might be able to extrapolate this information from the article posted on the Clemson Basketball site. More students care now as we are ranked 16 and 19 in the respective polls, than when we were ranked #2 and were playing #2 Wake Forest, who had all-everything, Tim Duncan. I am not sure if this is more of a reflection of Clemson today as opposed to 1997, or even of OP vs. Barnes. Certainly, OP is more affable and approachable than Barnes and his tailored shirt collars.

The students lining up at Littlejohn would rather see the Tigers beat UNC than Duke according to an article from the Greenville News. I could get behind this sentiment if Clemson were playing in Chapel Hill this year. As we are not, I would rather beat Duke, though UNC is ranked higher. Speaking of, Duke is ranked one spot lower than Clemson in the ESPN/USA Today poll, and Clemson is ranked lower than Duke in the AP Poll.

UNC pre-game preview to come later. To get your thoughts back on the OP wave you were riding prior to the loss at Maryland, here is an article from Yoni Cohen posted on FOXSPORTS. A very positive, pro-Clemson article; which is, as you know, a rarity in the world of collegiate sports.

Go Tigers!

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