Wednesday, January 3

ClemsonTigers Hang on 68-66 against FSU, now 15-0

Wow. My thumb hurts from my teeth gnawing them to the quick. 68-66. 15-0.
And so it is, James Mays, 26-0. Holy god!

An away Game win versus a hungry FSU team. The veterans stepped big tonight. V. Hamilton scored 19 and had the assist to Cliff Hammonds who hit the game-winning shot, a layup. Though he scored just 9 points, 5 of those came in the last two minutes.

We were only 6-23 on three pointers, but we hit two when it counted and we really needed it. I was a bit disappointed, yet somehow still optimistic with Trevor Bookers performance. He only had four points, but had two BIG blocks and nine rebounds.

I think one of the biggest stats of the game is the second half shooting percentage. Clemson shot 50%, whereas FSU shot 36%.

I was nervous; blind, as I couldn't see it on TV, though I would have had my eyes closed nonetheless, and holding my breath- breathing only on timeouts and scores. Somehow, it all worked out.

It was nice to see our team follow through and hit the game-winning shot. Hopefully, we will continue this upward, OP trajectory.

Also, notice the new perma-link up top to OP's video.
Yes, 1-0 in the ACC. Now we look forward to a keyed-up, on-edge GT team. They are missing Zack Peacock (my fantasy 2nd line center) and have some adjustments to make, but are a tough team nonetheless. Until the future, savor.

Go Tigers! 15-0!

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