Wednesday, February 7

Clemson Basketball: Still has work to do

  • If I were C Breeden of FSU, I would feel bad. He was the only Seminole with single digit minutes-played. Take a look.
  • If I were anyone on the FSU team, save Al Thornton, then I would feel bad, as he was the only FSU-er to score in double digits.
  • If I were Roy Williams, I would call a timeout soon, as dook is up by 10, 46-36 in the 2nd half.
  • If I were Sam Perry, I would practice freethrows.
  • If I were KC Rivers, I would be happy I can still score.

These are the lessons and hypotheticals I have learned and studied tonight.
These are unchanging and factual.

According to the drive to 65, we still have work to do. We at least began doing such tonight.
Also, we are seeded 8 in ESPN's Bracketology. Just as the drive to 65 states and all Clemson fans know, we still need push it forward. It is nice to see, or listen, or truthfully gametrack, as the game was not on TV, the Tigers win again.

The upcoming weeks are critical. Up next, WAKE on Wed, 2/14, followed by MD on Sun, 2/18. Then, three games in six days: dook, BC, Miami, 2/22, 2/24, and 2/28, respectively.

Go Tigers!

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