Wednesday, February 14

Clemson Basketball: Tonight @ Wake

  1. Wake has won 15 straight in series at Winston-Salem.
  2. Clemson can and should win this game.
  3. A Clemson loss = NIT bid.
  4. A Clemson win tonight and two-three more solidifies our NCAA chances.
  5. Clemson's schedule the next four days is treacherous, and dangerous. It is imperative not to look forward to the Duke game.
  6. I know OP likes Sam Perry, but 4.8 ppg and 3.0 rpg? Ishmael Smith of WF, listed height 5-11, averages 3.4 rpg.

Open letter to Sam Perry:

Dear Sam,

I am glad to see you are such an integral part of the Clemson Basketball team. The T-shirt you wear beneath your jersey which once gave the team such a boost you were labeled an "Energy Brother," seems to be weighing you down. Why not try just wearing the jersey? What about a material with moisture-wicking? Nike and Under Armor both have solid products. This has been bothering me for a while and I apologize. I know your sleeves aren't as long as Shawan Robinson's were, but I still think you should look into it.

Let me know what you think.


Also, we are still in the "should be in" category in ESPN's drive to 65.
ESPN's Bracketology has us listed now as a 7 seed playing Missouri St. in New Orleans. However, I think things could be shaken up a bit after FSU's win last in Chapel Hill.

Until the future,

Go Tigers!

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