Monday, November 12

2007 IS GO!!

It has been 215-216 days since the OP last posted. Tonight, it begins again. The Tigers are looking to defeat the 0-1 Furman Paladins and open their season 1-0.

I think even if I could watch the game tonight, I wouldn't. I am just too nervous. This year it is time too see just how integral Vernon "Porn-stache" Hamilton was in operating our offense. Surely my worst dreams would come true if he were the cog holding the Clemson machine together.

In just eight short minutes the new-look Tigers with freshman 3-point bomber Terrence Oglesby, wild-card Mr. Basketball NC Demontez Stitt, and legacy Jerai Grant will join the familiar faces of James Mays, KC Rivers, David Potter, Trevor Booker, "Tiny Wine" Sykes, and Julius Powell in welcoming the Paladins to Littlejohn.

It will be a long season and one that will not garner much respect until we reach the ACC portion of our season.

Tigers, it is time to finish what you started.

OP is GO!

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