Wednesday, November 28

Clemson Basketball Survives against Purdue

During the game, a few things thoughts went through my head.
  1. The first involved verbing Clemson. As in, "Don't Clemson this up you."
  2. The second involved using the connotative word, "Clemson." As in, "I can't believe we are about to pull a Clemson."
Then, came KC Rivers who, in the over discussed by the announcers, absence of James Mays decided to step up and score at the end of the game. We now have only two losses (7-2) in the ACC-Big Ten challenge. (And, by the way, I was perfect in predicting the outcomes of last night's games.)

What, however, happened to big35, Trevor Booker in the first half? He re-appeared late in the game, but was all but absent early.

I would have posted earlier, but I think my heart nearly stopped on more than one occasion last night.

Still, 4-6 weeks without Mays is going to be a tough stretch. I like the way we responded last night. Hopefully, when he returns, he will mesh with our adapted team chemistry.

Until then,

Go Tigers.

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