Wednesday, November 28

James Mays only has a Hip Sprain

Things aren't as bad as they seem for James Mays, Clemson Tiger Basketball forward, who himself said he thought his hip was fractured; it turn out, he only has a hip sprain.

This is a solid piece of news for the Tigers. After watching them last night, I didn't think they would be able to hold off every opponent like they did the Boilermakers.

Last night, I think we saw just how integral James Mays is to the team. Not only is he a beast on offense, but he is a senior leader. So much so, I think you should watch this video of him. It is one of the best/most absurd videos you will ever see. Who decided to air such a piece?

Oh, in a side-note, t-shirt-wearing-anti-offense Sam Perry has been cleared to practice more.

Ban the woohoo!
Go Tigers!

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