Sunday, November 25

Clemson defeats Gardner-Webb

If you weren't paying attention yesterday afternoon, in deep anticipation of beating the g-cocks, you might have missed the fact OP and the squad broke out of their Blue Hose Malaise and tamed the Bulldogs of Gardner-Webb.

G-W spread the scoring around, as they have been all season. The Tigers did the same. However, the Bulldogs don't have Uncle Cliff and T.O. They combined to score 31 points. And Mays and Booker had serious games as well.

If we continue to play with this kind of ball distribution and defensive determination, we will, deservedly move up the rankings.

I suspect we will be ranked in the 15-17 range, like the TB Football Tigers.

Regardless of where we are ranked, I feel better about our chances and our general demeanor than the TB Tigers. Somehow, even after the field goal to beat SC last night, I still felt cheated and angry.

Now comes the Big 10/ACC Challenge. This year we are playing Purdue, a team with a bit more substance than Penn. St., whom we have play way too many times during this ACC/Big 10 escapade.

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