Saturday, December 1

Clemson Defeats South Carolina

Another year, another sport, another win for the Clemson Tigers against the Gamecocks.

The Tigers were lead by KC Rivers, who scored 24, in the win. KC stepped up in the second half when the Tigers began allowing the Gamecocks back in the game.

Most inspired/ing player of the game, Trevor Booker. He seemed to rise out of his offensive funk, with 15 points and 11 rebounds. He has been present at times defensively this year, but offensively, he has been absent. Hopefully this game against USC will be his offensive coming out party. Should that happen, and everyone else continues to play as they are, we will be a much stronger team when Mays returns. Assuming his absence and ensuing return has not shifted our team chemistry too much.

Key stat of the game: 82.6% FT shooting.
That is correct, 82.6%. Do the math. (19/23)
KC, 6-6, Booker, 1-3, Hammonds, 1-2, Stitt, 9-10, Oglesby, 2-2.

Congratulations to the Tigers, to the freshmen for solid games, and to OP for guiding the Tigers to another victory.

And kudos to OP for sporting the orange blazer. It was so bright, I had to adjust the hue and saturation on my tv.

Ban the Woohoo.

Go Tigers!

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