Monday, March 17

Clemson love SVP-Style

This is in reference to our benchmark win against Duke-

So I met Oglesby in College Park:
we took a picture and that was poorly received by some of the Terps fan base.

If the team I grew up rooting for is done (thanks in large part to what the Tigers did that night) I am happy to pull for y'all.

I said last night on a tv show I sometimes host that your team was going to win this one. I thought you'd be too long and athletic. I get one right every once in a while.

I really enjoy the way your team plays and Oliver was on old Lefty coach.

Congrats on the win and I think if your team gets the lead tomorrow I think they will play with a different belief and confidence in themselves than they did the first two.

Enjoy this one...anytime you beat K, you have done something.

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