Tuesday, March 4

Terrence Oglesby: ACC Rookie of the Week, Scott Van Pelt fan

A fitting capstone for TO's big week and his weekly accomplishment- see above and below for references.

Congrats TO!

Also, here is an interesting post from a Maryland message board, via a Clemson message board regarding TO after the game. Scott Van Pelt, Maryland graduate and fan, was at the game and here are his post game remarks concerning TO and a certain photo-op:

"SVP: ....I love this board.

So, I am a "toolbox"?

Love it.

Someone from Clemson said Oglesby wanted to know if I would take a picture with him......I shook the kids hand and told him - you got a lotta balls asking me to do this right now because you just ruined my night....but you got a lotta balls to make that shot.

These was no story I was after. The kid asked and what am I going to say? F you?

Just trying to show some of that class our fan base is SO well know for.

Brutal night....still physically ill.

Back to my tools.......some of you people...I swear to God........"
And a response.
luckyterp3 wrote: Calm down,context is important, SVP. Many of those responses were made in the heat of the moment ( I am still not over it). We just lost, it was a game that ranked among the worst losses ever in terp history.
SVP: "you think that's lost on me?

I think you could make a case that it's one of the most brutal in recent memory. Nothing can top the ACC back in 74, but most of this board wasn't even alive then.

Win the game and you make the tournament...up 20...lose...you know the details.

The only reason I was still standing close enough to be asked to take the picture was my legs didn't work at that point to move in the direction of the exit."
Keep it Big.

Go Tigers.

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