Saturday, March 15

Tigers Throttle BC

The OP Stat of the Game: Matt Morris, 2-2 FG, 3pts.

(from the Greenville News)

I really think we could have beaten anyone last night. I only hope we didn't peak too soon.

KC Rivers is back. Mays is back. As soon as we get Booker on board...

Before I was able to watch the game, I was listening, and it didn't sound good. Down 6-0, then-

Who's the Boom King?


19-0 run. This may have been the best consecutive 10-ish minutes basketball we have played all season.

BC looked outclassed last night.

Press, Press, and keep it pressed. The fact we continued to keep the pressure on without letting up was impressive. That was something we hadn't really done much this season. We escaped with some wins after we let up, but last night was bigger.

The Tigers had already earned an NCAA berth, but last night they showed it. And will again today.

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