Sunday, March 2

Tigers Win!! 73-70. Terrence Oglesby is a beast

The OP stat of the game: 73-70.He looks so unassuming. Apparently, he is a terrapin-killer.
With this Tiger comeback, its time to start booking your tickets to round 1 of the NCAA tournament.

I had forgotten how much I disliked Maryland. It feels nice to get this win. Our confidence is sky-high right now. I had nearly given up hope. I was tuned into Wedding Crashers for part of the game.

I have watched the end of the game more than once now. TO pulled it together. The team pulled it together. Mays played well with the soft cast and Booker held his own on the inside.

The Tigers made me proud, but more importantly, won and in so doing, moved one step closer to the NCAA tournament- a giant step.

T.O., Mr Basketball Tennessee, Gary Williams' Nemesis and sweat inspiration.

Go Tigers!!!


j-blz said...

-12 in the first half and +15 in the second half. suck it turtles.

j-blz said...

Maryland (18-12, 8-7) collapsed after a basket by Greivis Vasquez put the Terrapins up 59-39 with 11:23 remaining. Clemson retaliated with a 31-11 run, tying the game on a breakaway slam by James Mays, who stole Milbourne's pass with 48.5 seconds to go.