Sunday, December 21

Clemson defeats Miami, 91-72

The OP Stat of the Game: KC Rivers; 28 pts, Team FT%, 72.22

It looked bleak about midway through the first half.

The Tigers were down by ten. McClinton was getting into a groove, or letting the rhythm find him like the unexpectedly high-pitched-voice Frank Haith said McClinton needed to do.

OP called a timeout.

Then, the Tigers went on a run. From that point forward, they never let up. TO overcame his emotional fragility, which nearly prevented him from being effective in the first half, and finished with 17 points.

KC stepped up and became who he will need to be throughout the ACC season.
28 points for KC- I thought McClinton was the All-American candidate.

But, what about Stitt? 10 points, 5 assists, 3 steals, 3 turnovers. Nice work on all fronts. He kept us in the game many times when we looked like we were about to fade.

And of David Potter and Jerai Grant? Potter had 7 subtle, necessary points. Grant might have had his biggest game ever tonight. Point-wise, he has scored more, but 7 of his 9 points came at a pivotal moment after Booker had been called for his fourth foul.

Though Booker was kept relatively quiet offensively, he had 16 rebounds. This helped keep the Tigers ahead in the end. We couldn't get a board in the first half. Booker made it happen. What he lacked, or was taken away from him by foul trouble, he compensated with his rebounding prowess.

Defense keyed this win. Miami had 22 turnovers, All-America McClinton with 4. Nice work, Jack.

Yes, things look even better today than they did yesterday. 12-0, 1-0 ACC, away game!
This should legitimize our top 25 ranking and hopefully give us a little bump before we take on South Carolina after Christmas on 12/30.

Enjoy the break Tigers, you earned it.

The best line from the Miami Herald, indicative of the dedicated Miami fanbase:
Oglesby sealed it with 5:53 left, when he connected from beyond the arc again to make it 79-62.

He pumped both fists, and almost on cue, the majority of the Miami faithful began heading for the exits.

Go Tigers!

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