Sunday, December 7

Clemson Tigers escape the Flames

The OP Stat of the Game: KC Rivers, 32 pts, 11 reb.

Liberty lead most of the way this afternoon. Seth Curry seemed nearly unstoppable for much of the game, as he had 24 pts., on 6-9 3pt, to go along with the three other Liberty players in double digits.

Falwell would be proud.

And new Liberty fan Dell Curry was in the stands in hopes of showing another ACC team what they missed when they did not recruit his son(s). And until about 2:00 to go, it looked as if he was going to get what he came to see.

But, it wasn't until late, very late, in the second half that the Tigers created some separation. It was on the shoulders of KC Rivers. The senior took control of the game and refused to lose. KC scored 32 points, matching his career best. KC helped reign in cold-shooting TO and gathered the rest for himself, after Booker could only do so much.

KC's performance this afternoon has been exactly what has been lacking at times this season. KC provided the senior leadership he has been needing. Should he continue to perform with the leadership qualities he demonstrated today, he will help us out tremendously this year.

After the game, OP said, "I think we should be ranked tomorrow, I think we are one of the top 25 teams in the nation."

Yes. That is probably true.

However, we will not stay there long if our defensive intensity does not improve and our offense does not figure out how to make open shots in when covered in a zone.

We are developing the skills that will be necessary to perform in the ACC and later in the NCAA tournament. We have demonstrated our mental toughness and haven't any teams prevent us from victory.

Oh, and with the 80% on 8-10 shooting, the Tigers moved up one spot to 67.4% in the FT% category, ahead of BC and GT.

Go Tigers!

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