Monday, December 8

Clemson, ORV- both polls

Just a bit over a month ago, Ken Pomeroy declared the RPI dead- or at least his iteration of it.
I guess that must actually be the case, as the Tigers are not ranked in either of this week's polls.

Here is how it works with the RPI, Clemson is ranked #2, just behind Gonzaga. In the NCAA RPI, Clemson is ranked #19. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, or should. The RPI cannot be the sole measure of a team. However, the Tigers were left out of both the Coaches' poll and the AP poll.

Of the top 65 teams listed in the CBS RPI, Clemson at 9-0 has defeated #23 Temple, #24 Illinois, #43 Hofstra, #51 Liberty, #54 Wofford, in addition to wins over #69 TCU, #215 Charlotte, #162 Savannah St, and #76 Presbyterian. Even without the four outside of 65 opponents, Clemson should at least be inthe top 25 in one poll.

Even Andy Katz, with his notorious Northeastern bias, had this to say of the Tigers:
Clemson: The Tigers are off to yet another banner start, going 8-0 through Saturday. Clemson picked off a road win at Illinois in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, and the Tigers should stay in the ACC's top-five mix throughout the season.
Also, remember Clemson throttled Savannah St. by 32 points. The same Savannah St. team that lost to Michigan, which is coincidentally, the team immediately behind Clemson in ORV in both polls, in OT 66-64, and who has beaten both Duke and UCLA.

And per Miami being ranked in the Coaches Poll, I guess beating a Kentucky team that also lost to the VMI Keydets in Rupp Arena is a big deal. That concern will be dealt with shortly, however, as the Tigers open ACC play 12/21 in Coral Gables.

Still, we are lurking, relevant and rising to the challenge in many different ways: Stitt, Rivers, Sykes, Booker, the bench.

Maybe the voters are wary after our 17-0 start two years ago and our early exit last year in the NCAA tournament. But I guess voting on what a team has actually accomplished doesn't really make sense, now does it.

Go Tigers!

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