Monday, January 12

Clemson Basketball enters TOP 10 in both polls

Wake vs. Clemson, 1960s - Fike Gymnasium- ( tiger memories)

The last time Wake and Clemson played when both were ranked in the top ten, Clemson was actually ranked 2nd while the Deacons were ranked 4th- Wake ended up winning 65-62. Rick Barnes was the coach and the Slab Five was still intact. Greg Buckner had 20 points as Tom Wideman, Harold "The Big O" Jamison, and Mohammed "Mo-Wo" Woni kept Tim Duncan in check with 16 points. The Tigers had a chance to win, but Jurkunas was called for a foul.
That was the year Jurkunas lost his mojo. He went from a three-point specialist, to an also-ran.

Am I trying to break your heart?

This weekend, the Tigers host Wake in a very similar situation. Again, the Tigers have very good players, but no real superstars, a la Tim Duncan, or now Jeff Teague. What we have now is a solid coach, one who might not bolt Clemson and later blame the local school system.

Here's to hoping we can control the Deacons and force turnovers. They will be coming off a Wednesday night game at BC. At least in terms of scheduling, this is a grueling phase for them as it is for us as well.

Congratulations on the being in the Top Ten Tigers- that alliteration is easy.

Some still think the Tigers are not deserving. Yep, that guy from San Jose has the Tigers ranked #23- though he bowed to public pressure, at least a bit saying, "I simply could not in good conscience continue to leave the undefeated Tigers unranked."

And if all else fails this weekend, hopefully we will see OP's sweet, sweet, suede orange blazer.

And no, I won't sell you my tickets for this game.

Go Tigers!


Travis V said...

Not to be picky but the only members of the "slab five" to still be left by that point were Merl Code and Bill Harder. Bruce Martin, Andy Kelly and Rayfield Ragland all built the slab in Barnes first year.

Love your blog.

the OP blog said...

You, sir, are correct. Thanks.