Saturday, January 17

Clemson frustratingly loses to Wake

The day started out solid as I was entering at the same time as Milton Jennings.

I took a few pre-game pictures.

I sent a text message to see who the announcers were.

Somewhere between here and there, things went wrong.

Here is a brief selection of some of the texts I sent:
-WTF? Does Teague not get called for fouls.
-CJ and Dabo are the halftime entertainment.
-These are the worst refs ever.
I really don’t know what to say right now. We weren’t hitting our shots and we weren’t playing our game- at least offensively.

We could not break and sustain the 10 point threshold.

Wake is clearly a national caliber team. Chas Macfarland plays dirty- with the fans.

More analysis later.

Go Tigers!

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