Monday, February 16

Clemson falls to #13 after losing to UVA

The OP Stat of the Game: Raymond Sykes- 9 pts, 11 reb, 3 ast, 1 stl.

Maybe if I wait long enough, it will be gone when I return. Or, something like that.

Coming out of a week with a Friday the 13th, everything was in place for the Tigers to move into the top 10, maybe even the top 5. Every team the Tigers needed to win in the ACC won. Clemson was all but being ushered into 2nd in the ACC. However, what could have been a perfect storm-like event for the Tigers, became a perfect suck-storm, as they completely lost focus in Charlottesville yesterday.

As a result of our inability to take advantage of advantageous situations, we are involved in a cluster-eff at 6-4 with three other teams: Boston College, FSU, and Wake Forest. And if I am not mistaken, we have lost to two of those teams.

Again, when we stuck with the press, we were killed. If it is going to work, it has to be used effectively- in spurts, different looks, 1/2 court situations, etc- otherwise, it gimmickry.

Per our endgame- I have nothing to say on something that did not exist.

Why didn't we call a timeout in the end to run a set play? TO was trying- maybe too hard. Until his name is JJ Reddick, he is not going to get all the floppy, fakeshot, fouls.

And I don't know if this is Stitt, play-calling, or what, but get the ball inside. We weren't being defended on the perimeter because we were broke, not because the shots were falling. Make them foul us. For all of the tough inside game we have, it is-or has become-soft.

Now is the time for adjustment. Teams have figured out how to deal with us- which is fine, that is what coaches do. But, we need to counter, both offensively and defensively- somehow.

Up next is Maryland. They look to be turning a corner as they are now 5-5 in ACC play. With a few wins, they could be on the bubble. And know, a Gary Williams, despite whatever concerns terrapin fans have about his recruiting skills, etc, more times than not comes ready to play.

So for all of the Road Warrior speak and 80s orange and purple zubaz nostalgia, it is now time to take care of homecourt.

Go Tigers!

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