Friday, February 27

Tallahassee or Bust!

When: 2:00 pm, Sat. 2/28/09
Where: Tallahassee, USA
Listen: WCCP
Watch: Raycom split- that means maybe, maybe not, depending upon where you live.- Oh, our favorite gamecock/tarheel Eddie Fogler will be announcing- just listen online, it will be much more pleasant.
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Tomorrow's game against FSU is -as all games are, but this one even more so- a must-win.

The following analysis comes from the tarheelfanblog:
Clemson still has not learned the most valuable lesson of all. If you want to be an ACC elite, you cannot lose a home game on the home stretch. The loss to Virginia Tech was damaging since Clemson owned the tiebreaker with Duke. It also hurt because they risk dropping to fourth since they play FSU in Tallahassee. A loss to the Seminoles puts them behind FSU by a de facto two games since FSU swept the Tigers. Clemson would need to beat Virginia and almost certainly knock off Wake Forest on the road to avoid dropping to fifth and playing in the ACC first round games.
I could not have been more succinct myself. It is time to win. Nothing good has come out of Tallahassee- well except maybe that FSU girl with the cowboy hat. And she is from Miami.

Nonetheless, it is time to win. The loss to FSU last game was unacceptable. We gave up 19 points. It would be easy to get on the negativity bandwagon, but its not that time. Plenty, well not plenty, but enough important, relevant basketball remains, especially given our current position in the ACC standings and the fact that our remaining three games are against team to which we have lost.

The Tigers have, for the most part, come back strong after a loss. Here's a video of the FSU players previewing tomorrow's game:

Click to Play

Read the official Clemson preview. Its not quite as sexy as the FSU, as it doesn't have video.

Essentially, it is time to win. Hit the shots, play defense, press, do whatever it takes.

I don't have anything more insightful to say than that.


Go Tigers!

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