Tuesday, February 17

Tigers Win 93-64

The OP Stat of the Game: Clemson Guards (Young, Oglesby, Stitt- 41pts, 8asts., 5stls.) or Clemson Big Men (Sykes, Booker, Grant, Baicu- 100% shooting, 14-14, total)

I only wish Bryan Narcisse would have scored.

This game occurred between the stats. While the Tigers dominated on many fronts, much of the game occurred outside of the box score.

Our defense was too much for the Terps. While they were able to get several backdoor cuts and through passes toward the basket, little else fell for Maryland for much of the game. As a team, they shot 8-23 on layups. While much of this is a function of our defense, many of those were wide open shots.

It also helped that the Tigers shot nearly 50% on 3 point shooting, 12-26, even though TO was 2-10. And despite TO's poor 3 point shooting, he still ended as the team's leading scorer at 16 points. Maybe even more important, TO had 6 assists. He is really developing his passing game. He avoided the no-look, asinine passes from the UVA game and stayed with smart, cut-to-the-basket passes.

Per our the rest of the team, it was nice to see KC show up again. While he did not lead the team thorughout, he took over the game when necessary- see the end of the 1st half, when he came up with a steal and a dunk to go to the break.

Potter, Young, Grant, and Smith were all efficient in their limited play tonight. This "second-tier" of players really stepped up- solid work.

I didn't hear "Onions" tonight, but did you hear Raftery referred to Howard's Rock and said, "I've rub"bed a lot of things in my life, but none of them ever helped my team. They wanted to rub me out." Another Classic Raftery-ism.

This combined with dreadlocks guy on the baseline, made for a complete game. Thinking bakc, maybe we lost the UVA game because Dreadlocks Guy was up in the stands, rather than on the baseline- I spotted him on the screen about eight rows up behind the team in Charlottesville.

However, now it is time for the Tigers to prepare for Georgia Tech.

Go Tigers!

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