Wednesday, February 18

Oliver Purnell Discusses Maryland Victory

Apparently Booker's big dunk last night caught the nation's eye, at least according Scott Keepfer of to the Greenville News. Watch it and decide for yourself.

Bart Wright of the Greenville News says: Dunk-a-thon lauches return of winning ways. He only calls attention to one dunk by Booker, you know which one. And while I enjoyed the Booker Dunk immensely, Jerai Grant with three dunks actually had more than Booker's two. Here they are:

Jerai Grant Dunks x 3 - from the Greenville News

Block-C has a recap of many of the news articles from around the interwebs today.

Individually listed here:

Stitt article from The State
Stitt article from the Anderson Independent
Anderson Independent recap of the game
Tigers slam Point home- The State
ESPN article re: Tanner Smith's Tanner's Totes

All punctuated with an image of Trevor's Dunk:

Go Tigers!

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