Sunday, March 15

Pre-Selection, Sunday Morning Clemson Basketball links

The news is not entirely upbeat, but it really should be. We are debating a difference in numbers. The Tigers can lament over not getting a higher seed, or whatever. This year is not a letdown. Clemson is on the precipice of going to the NCAA for the second year in a row. A feat that has not been accomplished since the olden times of the tailored-collar-wearing Rick Barnes.

NCAA Clemson Tickets information- IPTAY points tiered- contingent, of course, on being invited to play.
Tiger await their fate as projected seed drops- Greenville News
Late season swoon has Tigers dreading NCAA seeding- The State-- dreading? Seriously. They will still probably play in the tournament. And will play a team they should/can beat if they play as a team.
Second Season Chance for Turnaround- Anderson Independent
KC Rivers: "We just got too satisfied." Charleston Post and Courier
Clemson, Carolina might hear not-so-good news today- Greenville News-- I understand the need to connect with your audience, but "not-so-good-news" Clemson should still be playing in the NCAA tournament.
Clemson, USC still worthy of praise- The State
Inside the Bracket- Retractable claws: Clemson continues to start fast, stumbles down stretch- ESPN Insider

Tiny Tigers

In examining Clemson's profile on, one thing immediately jumps out at you, and that's their height. Or rather, their lack of it. The Tigers rank 200th in Division I in effective height, which obviously makes them vulnerable against taller teams.

Sure enough, that's been a factor in their recent losses. Here's the ranking in effective height of their losses: Georgia Tech (Effective Height - 28), Wake Forest twice (1), Florida State twice (4), Virginia Tech (194), Virginia (33), North Carolina (67)

Clemson's lack of height has really been on display on the defensive boards, as they've allowed opponents to grab 36.4 percent of offensive boards, which ranks 299th in D-1. The Tigers have only one player over 6-foot-7, and that's Raymond Sykes. And though the 6-9 center is a nice complementary player, he's no match for elite bigs. Trevor Booker plays big at 6-foot-7, but he is the Tigers' only real interior threat. And part of the reason he grabs so many rebounds (9.7 rpg) is because no one else is around to get them. When Clemson plays bigger teams in the Tourney, they're going to be in trouble if they're not shooting well from deep.

OK, so there you go. Some pre-reading to get you up to speed before the 6 o'clock hour.

Go Tigers!

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