Friday, March 13

Oliver Purnell news and rumors

This is from the inimitable kornblut; so whatever, but here it is. -Alabama is interested in OP. This isn't really new. But, the phrase, "the feeling appears to be mutual," which if true would be. A move to Alabama would be lateral at best. That's assuming the SEC has an up year. Let's hope this is nothing more than rumor.

Also, here is an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal concerning collegiate basketball coaches from a monetary standpoint. Clemson and Oliver Purnell are mentioned twice.

One interesting point in the article is the amount of money the basketball program netted Clemson University- $800,000 compared to Jamie Dixon and Pitt who netted $5 million and Boeheim and Syracuse, which gained $9.1 million.

What does all of this mean? It means it is time to fully support the Tigers. Regardless of their recent missteps.

Go Tigers!

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