Tuesday, March 3

Tigers clear the bench against UVA, 75-57

The OP Stat of the Game: Jesse Yanutola, 2 minutes played; Raymond Sykes 14 points, 2 asts, 5 reb

Please. Don't taunt my boy Stitt. You will lose. What's your name again?

Tonight was big. Hopefully, it helps us get back, on track. Not just for the seniors, but for the future. It was nice to see everyone get some playing time, but I really wish KC would have had a bigger last home game. He still has time for some big games and as a whole, the Tigers have played well on the road.

Tonight, our defense drove our offense. Landesberg was a non-factor and Calvin Baker couldn't sustain his early procution. Our offense produced- if sporadically. I only wish Narcisse, Anderson, Baicu, Baize, Petrokunis, and Jesse "Nuts" Yanutola could have scored.

Terrence Oglesby lead the team stoically with 18 points. Many of those points came from his designated hitter position as Technical foul Shooter. In this respect, UVA gave up way too many points. It is almost unfathomable that the Tigers lost to the Hoos the first time around, especially when you look at the size of Leitao's blazer. It had nothing on the orange suede.

Here's a view from the floor, as Landesberg misses a shot:


Again, things are might fall in place for the Tigers, as Duke beat FSU and Maryland is in a tough game against Wake.

Congratulations Seniors!

Read a few stories about KC and Raymond to reminsce on the Class of 2009:
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Go Tigers!

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William Jordan said...

Good win, thought we were really outstanding on defense for most of the game, especially the first 10 minutes of the second half. Stopping the turnovers also helped, we shot well the entire game but it was only when we stopped giving the ball away that we were able to stretch the lead. And as for Landesberg, wow. How could he have been any worse? Also nice of Andre to give us the taco at the end there.

On a related note, I really hope that the team on the floor at the end(Baize, Anderson, Narcisse, Petrukonis) isn't the future of Clemson basketball, because they don't look too handy...