Sunday, March 8

Tigers take on Wake tonight

Tigers finish regular season against Wake Tonight

Where: LJVM, W-S, NC
When: 3/8/09 6:00pm
Listen: WCCP-FM
Watch: FSN
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It has been a little slow around the OP lately. Today things start hotting up again starting at 2 with FSU at VT, then 4 Duke at UNC, possibly without Lawson, and capped at 6 by Clemson at Wake.

A few things have popped up around the internets in anticipation of the tonight's last regular season game against Wake.

Tonight's game affects the Tigers in one way- seeding for the ACC tournament. It is 4 or 5. To be a four seed, the Tigers have to win and FSU has to lose to VT. Anything else and the Tigers are five a 5 or a 6 seed. As a 5 seed, we would play 12 seed GT next Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in the first round of the ACC tournament or; as a six seed we would play against 11 seed UVA at 9:30. From the Greenville News. UPDATE: We can slip to sixth now because of the BC win- Here is an explanation. (Thanks for the comments)
Would a win by FSU affect the way Clemson plays:
"It could," Clemson coach Oliver Purnell admitted Friday. "Our guys are human. But I like to think that with the experience of our club, they understand the importance of us playing well regardless."
Tanner Smith continues the tradition of Academic excellence for Clemson Basketball players- no I'm not joking. Think Cliff Hammonds- as he was named to the Academic All-ACC team.

Booker is set to lead the ACC in rebounds and FG%

Rivers is hurt and will be probably be wearing some sort of elbow protection today.

So today, the task is to beat Wake in Winston Salem, where the Tigers haven't won since Feb 21, 1990. This is a real possibility. Wake gains nothing with a win. We need/want a win, hopefully more than them.

Wake is tall, fast, and has several NBA-type players. The 10 point loss earlier this season was tough. Wake outclassed us on the court- maybe not off, remember McFarland vs. Clemson Fan. Today could be different.

I got to thinking about it. I don't know which arena is most difficult to play in for a visiting team, but can anywhere be more visually disturbing than Lawrence Joel Veteran's Coliseum? That giant black and gold tie-dyed roof bandana is atrocious. I usually don't discuss fashion tastes, but that tie-dye is heinous.

A scouting report is not really necessary for Wake at this point. They like to run fast, score a lot, and pack it inside. However, here it is- Aminu, Johnson, McFarland and even Tony Woods and Ishmael Smith all score primarily in the paint. Johnson likes the right baseline as well. Outside of Teague, no one on their team shoots many 3pts. Teague can shoot from most anywhere, but doesn't shoot alot from the corners- Let's try to force him to shoot from there.

Per the Tigers, we are going to have to try to make them uncomfortable defensively. The press will be used, but it will need to be adjusted and mixed up, because Teague and Smith can run right through it or pass over it. If our outside game is on and our defense can pressure them, it could be a good game. If FSU wins and the Tigers know, however, it could get ugly.

It pains me to say it, but let's root for the Hokies.

Powers Out!

Go Tigers!


Anonymous said...

If FSU loses and Clemson loses (worst case scenario) that makes a three way tie for 4th with BC as the other team. Wouldn't that make Clemson 6th in the ACC?

The ACC and SEC Blog said...

Yes it would because Clemson is just 1-2 against those teams. Tigers have a tough game to win vs Wake. Just don't seem to match up well with FSU or Wake.

the OP blog said...

I thought the same thing as well. But deferred to the internet. Here is a link from the State that explains how we can be sixth
Tie Breaker Explanation